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1 Preparation

We recommend using a special heating device such as a separator machine, heat gun, or heating mat. It will simplify the process. You can use a home hairdryer, but you will have to make a nozzle by hand or have a suitable one in the kit to gently heat and concentrate the heat flow in the right place.

ℹ️ The surface of the back cover must be heated to soften the adhesive underneath. The approximate heating temperature is 50° C / 125° F. Use a thin plastic film or pick for separation. To facilitate the process, you can use isopropyl alcohol. It is often most difficult to pass the tool between the parts to be divided.

Choose the far edge from the FFC cables or buttons. Do not use a lever or any force for separation that could damage the elements inside.

2 What we should know

ℹ️ There are two specific points you need to know.

First - the fingerprint sensor connector works this way - spring contacts on motherboard are pressed to the pad on the back cover.

Second - the quality of the connection depends on how tight the cover is pressed to the motherboard.

So, the manufacturer's solution here is to put three adhesive squares / rectangles on the battery to hold the back cover tightly. BUT! (There are always but) around the adhesive squares is an NFC tag. The NFC tag has three windows for adhesive squares glued to the battery!

3 Process

To us it is not a trivial task to open the cover.

We should avoid any damage! Move around the corners and along the sides with a plastic or non-metal tool.

When the sides give us a space to squeeze through, put the plastic or non-metal tool between the adhesive square and back cover, pry up carefully until it is done and move deeper to the next one.

ℹ️ Remember around adhesive squares / rectangles is an NFC, under is the battery. If we pry it up hard, we can breach the battery shell, if we miss the spot and pry, we can break the NFC.

So, now we know how to open the back cover on LG Q7 Q610.

Be careful in repair and life!

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