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Is it possible to make the HTC Desire S smartphone work from the mains without a battery? Curiosity, dialogue, Solution ...

- Hello! Can you please tell me, is it possible to make the HTC Desire S smartphone work from the network without a battery?

- VRM24.COM: Hello, Perhaps you need to emulate the middle contacts of the ACB, ID, and TH somehow. Or disassemble the battery and apply voltage to the board contacts instead of the can. But it's easier to find a battery, even though it's an intense past usage, and keep the phone on charge all the time 🙂

- Thanks for the answer! Will only emulation help? Is it possible to simulate or imitate? The fact is that the battery inflates over time and pushes the screen out.
- Is it possible to simulate a battery by combining the necessary contacts?

- VRM24.COM: If there is an old battery, just the upper part of it with contacts and a controller is what you need. You can solder wires to this board and supply 4.2v as from an original container.

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