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This story, like everything that happens in our workshop, began with the fact that a TAG Heuer Connected 2020 watch was brought to us for repair. A person asked to restore a damaged display cable on a TAG Heuer watch. But the most curious thing in this case was the story that led to the malfunction, and not the repair itself.

So, about a month earlier, the owner of the device, for reasons unknown to us, fell and noticed a slight delamination at the display and a small gap. Expecting a high-quality assembly from the manufacturer, he did nothing and continued to use this watch.

On one bright sunny day, the display with a heavy metal case just jumped out of its base and tore off the cable instantly. Who would have thought that during the entire time since the damage, a mild but harsh north wind penetrated under the surface of the display, drying the adhesive base.

If you pay attention to the image, you can see that there is a barely noticeable thin strip of glue left.

Certainly, an interesting case for us and dramatic for the watch owner, prompted me to write this post.

But what can we infer from it?

TAG Heuer has the poor-quality glue, do not fall, see a gap - contact the workshop....

I don't know ... but what I know for sure, is that even a teeny-tiny crack can lead to expensive repairs.

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