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Replacing a lens on a GoPro Max 360 camera

How to replace the lens on the GoPro Max 360 action camera? We have this post for you, so buckle up and let's get started!

When using the camera (for its intended purpose in extreme conditions), scratches appeared on the lens, as a result of which the quality of the video deteriorated. I don't know how it got worse, but I can assume that it was significant. And, in fact, for this reason, the camera came to us for repair.

So, first of all, in our repair, we cover the surface of the display with a film so as not to scratch or damage the display during repair. We usually use a dust removing tape.

Then, we take a tool called an automatic center punch. And break the glass around the edges. Carefully, take your time, it is quite important not to damage the camera lens inside.

After that, we remove large fragments and clean the surface of the old adhesive - we used tweezers.

Now carefully clean the surface from small fragments and dust. To clean the housing, we use a dust removing tape. And to clean the lens - we use a special optics cleaning cloth.

It is time to prepare a new lens. We got it from our suppliers.

We apply sealant in a circle, in our case it is called - B7000. By the way, the sealant protects from liquid ingress well, but no one will give you a guarantee for this, now.

We wait a bit for the sealant to thicken and install a new lens.

After the sealant dries, we can clean off any residue on the edges.

Okay, the work was successfully completed!? - well done! See you around!

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