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According to statistics, the most common problem that repair workshops turn to is the inability to charge a smartphone from a charger. At the moment, this segment is dominated by repairs of smartphones from the manufacturer Samsung.

Recently, we received a Samsung Galaxy A31 for repair. The problem is that the smartphone is not charging from the charger. We saw damage on the display and back cover. Potentially, we already expect specific damage inside and exclude liquid penetration.

After removing the covers, a preliminary visual inspection does not give us a single clue in our investigation and we proceed to a detailed inspection.

We look at the sub-board. The system connector (charging port), although quite worn out, but the contacts are all in place. The inter-board cable connector, as well as the tracks and pins, appear intact.

We turn to the inspection of the motherboard, and at the first glance at the connector of the inter-board cable we see obvious damage, which is partially hidden by the gasket. We peel off the gasket and assess the extent of the damage in its entirety.

We examine the inter-board cable. There is a slight deformation, but are no obvious damages. Probably the cable will work.

Just above the connector on the shield hiding the microchips, we see a dent. Now we can say that after a fall or impact, the inter-board cable stretched so hard that it tore out part of the connector.

Why is it possible? The reason is quite simple. The cable is very short and tight. Even a slight bend can pull the cable so hard that the connector simply comes off at the point of tension.

Judging by the deformation of the connector, we will not be able to repair it and must replace the entire part.

Let's move on to our repair. We unsolder the old connector, clean the surface, apply flux.

Preparing a new connector.

We solder a new connector. We use a soldering station with / or just a soldering iron.

We assemble the smartphone for testing, connect it to the charger.

If the repair is done well, you will see an indication of the battery charge.

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