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Today the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone came to us for repair with a malfunction: the touchscreen does not respond to touch. According to the customer, nothing happened, just at one moment, the sensor stopped working! Visually, the display module is absolutely intact, not even a scratch.

Let's proceed to the diagnostics. Remove the back cover and we see that one screw (upper left corner) with traces of corrosion, which means that inside the phone gets wet!

Continue disassembling the phone and see that the liquid got directly to the connector of the display module, the connector on the display and the connector on the main board are damaged.

We clean the contacts with the degreaser and everything does not look so bad :) A couple of pins on the main board are damaged and the connector of the display module is to be replaced.

We replace the connector with a new one, restore the contacts on the main board and check it. The sensor still doesn't work.

Examine the motherboard under a microscope and find the contact pad is damaged too. We remove the upper layer with a scalpel. The third layer shows us a damaged contact of the touchscreen power supply.

We restore the contact with a special thin copper wire. And apply a UV mask to secure and insulate.

Reassemble the smartphone, check the touch screen - everything is working fine.

The repair is done!

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