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New day, new case - new little life hack! We got a Samsung Galaxy A70 with a problem of not charging for an unknown reason.

We disassemble the smartphone and examine the sub-board.

The connector is fine, although quite worn.

Examine the connector on the inter-board cable. In our case the lower connector is fine as well.

Examining the connector on the motherboard we can see that it has exactly the same connector as the connector on the cable. And at the connector we have the end pins /or call them brackets are bent and have a bad contact.

This type of connector is the reason for no charging in most cases.

Btw this type of connector is mounted on the main board and inter-board cable.

To repair - we just bend the contacts inside and outside of the connector with a scalpel. If we want to make the connector stronger, we can solder around the edges to make the connector less flexible.

Sometimes it happens that the connector is quite badly damaged and you have to replace it with a new one, but more on that ... in another article.

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