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Recently for repair we received Samsung Galaxy A52. The display was not working, and the client bought a display module and made a replacement on his own. Since the result was exactly the same, the smartphone was brought to our repair shop to locate and fix the problem.

First of all, we inspected the display connector at the bottom of the phone as this is the most common problem with these symptoms. After examining it, we were made sure that it was not damaged. Next, we checked the motherboard connector for damage, this is the second most common cause of malfunction on this model.

After examining it we noticed that when we pressed the middle of the connector with the tweezers, the plastic part was loose inside and did not provide a good contact and signal transmission (for testing devices).

The fact is - the plastic base of the connector was broken, which caused the connector to separate in the middle and lose contact with the cable to the display. These connectors are very weak and there are constant problems with them on the Samsung models like Galaxy A125, A127, M125, A135, A225, A325, A525, A536, A725 and many others.

The repair is not difficult - we need to unsolder the old connector and solder the new one to the motherboard and test it. When it works the customer has no needs for the new display anymore. It can be returned to the seller.

At the end we would like to show the scale of this problem - in the picture, the number of replaced connectors in our service, in the last month, and how many such replaced connectors around the world!?

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