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We received the Galaxy A02s for repair, according to the owner, it does not charge for some reason that is not clear to him.

When we checked the charging connection, it was not charging.

We disassembled the smartphone, removed the assembly with the loudspeaker and took out the sub-board.

Since we understand that the most common reason why modern Samsung brand models do not charge - is damage to the connector contact through which power passes. We begin to inspect all connectors for any damage.

We examined the connectors on the sub-board, there was no visible damage, and in general there was no damage on the sub-board at all.

After that we have to examine the cable leading from the sub-board to the display module. Why this cable, well, because it is through this cable that the power passes from the sub-board to the display and the motherboard. Also, no damage is visible.

We pass to the connector on the motherboard and inspect the contacts. Contacts are in order, we can continue.

At this point, we are left with a display cable connector that we need to check. We checked - we found the damage to the left contact. The reason in these cases is always the same, the poorly designed location of this contact and the strong tension of the cable. When the smartphone bends or falls, the battery pulls the cable so that the power contacts simply break.

We have found the reason. We proceed to soldering and carefully solder the contact with a soldering iron. After that, we assemble it back and connect the smartphone to the charger. 

If you see the charging indication, then the repair was made well.

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