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Recently, we received Redmi Note 10s for repair, which did not charge for a reason incomprehensible to the owner. However, there was obvious damages on the back cover. It was quite similar in that someone could step on or sit down on this smartphone. So, we suspected anything.

After removing the back cover, we could not find obvious damage to the smartphone, therefore, our task was to disassemble it so that it was possible to inspect the connectors on the printed circuit boards and the connectors of the inter-board cable and check the power contacts for an open circuit.

First of all, after disassembly, we checked the connector on the sub-board, checked the contacts that are responsible for the power supply, they are located at the edges.

No damage was found – so we went to the connector on the motherboard. On the motherboard, the connector also had no damage.

And it remained for us to check the connectors of the inter-board cable. As soon as we started examining the first connector (lower one) at the inter-board cable, we found a break in the power contact on the left side.

Our version is, most likely someone sat on the smartphone, the case began to bend and pulled the inter-board cable so that it tore off the power contact.

And so, we found a possible reason why the smartphone is not charging. We moved on to soldering. We took a soldering iron and carefully soldered the contact.

We reassembled to test the charging, inserted the sub-board, connected the connectors. At the end we connected the battery connector.

After, we plug in the charger. If the repair performed well – we should see a charge indicator on the screen …

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