Teardown difficulty:

Recommended tools

Huawei Honor 10 Teardown

Step 1

Using the key tool, open the SIM card slot and remove it.


Do not push too hard this may cause damage.

Step 2

Open the back cover.


For careful separation, we recommend using a heat gun. At the same time, it is necessary to heat carefully in order, not to damage the surface of the device.

Step 3

Remove the protective layer.

Step 4

Using a screwdriver (Phillips 1.5 mm cross-head), unscrew the 3 bolts and remove the bar holding connectors.

Step 5

Disconnect the battery connector.


We strongly recommend disconnecting the connector to avoid a possible short circuit during disassembly.

Step 6

Using a screwdriver (Phillips 1.5 mm cross-head), unscrew the 7 bolts in the lower part.

Step 7

Remove the lower part with a speaker (buzzer).

Step 8

Disconnect connectors on the lower PCB and remove inter-board cable.

Step 9

Remove the lower PCB.

Step 10

Using a screwdriver (Phillips 1.5 mm cross-head), unscrew 6 bolts at the upper part of the phone.

Step 11

Pry and remove the upper frame.

Step 12

Disconnect the connectors on the PCB and remove the main paired camera.

Step 13

Disconnect the connector on PCB and remove the front (selfie) camera.

Step 14

Disconnect the connectors on PCB.

Step 15

Remove the PCB.

Step 16

Parts in the frame of the display module.

Disassembly Video

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