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Asus ZenPad C Z170MG

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Asus ZenPad C Z170MG
you showed everything' but...

you showed everything' but didn't show how to take out the battery for replacement big dislike for that most common problem is battery'
    Evgenii Kuzmin
    Anup Chakravorty6
    you showed everything' but didn't show how to...
    Hi, thanks for your opinion. This is important for us. Sometimes we're not allowed to remove the battery by our partners who gave us the cell phone. Anyway, the battery replacement is typical for all batteries glued to the display module frame. So, we plan to make FAQ includes battery replacement for all type attachments/fixations.

Asus ZenPad C Z170MG
anyone have a schematic...

anyone have a schematic diagram on this i need to find the wifi and network antinna?
    Ka Bote14
    anyone have a schematic diagram on this i need...
    I came for that too :/ having wifi issues

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