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GoPro MAX 360


GoPro MAX 360
Hello! Thank you for

Hello! Thank you for your video on Gopro Max 360 lens replacement! Would you sell the original lens and ship they worldwide? Iám asking it because I live in Brazil and my option to buy this lens is Ali Express but it sells a poor quality lens. I can pay you the lens and the shipment by Paypal. Thank you for your attention, have a nice day!
    Vadim Popov
    Hello! Thank you for your video on Gopro Max...
    Hello. A client with a camera contacted our service and brought his glasses for replacement. He ordered them just from aliexpress (website) The quality was original and there were no complaints

GoPro MAX 360
Hi I watch the

Hi I watch the video on how to replace the lens- I did this following step by step but the recording for this lens is very blurry. Is there something else I can do. Thanks iaan
    Evgenii Kuzmin
    Hi I watch the video on how to replace the...
    Hello. It is possible that this device has not just a protective glass, but a convex lens, so the distance to the matrix is important. It is necessary to carefully clean the remnants of the old glue under the lens, so that the new one would fit in the same place with the same distance.

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