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HTC Desire 320


HTC Desire 320
1. Please remove my

1. Please remove my email from being spammed. 2. Do you have a simpler instruction? All I want to do is remove the guts and still have it working. I want to remove battery completely so it is powered by a 3.7v source with other equipment, I want to use the screen only as an internal dashboard web page monitor with a kiosk/full screen browser. I am taking advantage of the small size but it is 3mm too wide to fit in its new home. So its either strip it out or dremel the sides. SInce I won this on eBay for $11 its not the cost.
    Evgenii Kuzmin
    1. Please remove my email from being...
    Hello. Simply applying power to the contacts of the battery will most likely not work and the phone will not work too. If you want the device to work without the battery, you need to remove the board with the controller from the old battery and apply voltage to the corresponding pins on it

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