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HTC Desire 500

HTC Desire 500
Hi there, really love this video, well done. Just got one question. S...

Hi there, really love this video, well done. Just got one question. So I am repairing this HTC Desire 500, the malfunction is that I can not turned it on, it is stuck on the HTC logo screen (the white one with green HTC letters) and it vibrates 7 times. When I googled it 90% of the comments were that the logic/motherboard is fried, actually is no more of use. So now I am trying to replace it. Thanks to you and your instructional video I successfully opened and took out the old motherboard (the fried one) and now I found this used one online, however it is taken out from a DOUBLE SIM HTC Desire 500 phone and the phone I am repairing has ONE SIM slot. So it's the same model - HTC Desire 500, but the new motherboard has 2 sim slots and the old one (the fried one) has one sim slot. Do you think that this double sim motherboard will fit and that it will work fine with the rest of the phone, which was previously functioning on a one sim slot motherboard? I think that it won't be any problem but I wanted to ask you first of the reason that you are the expert here :D Thanks a lot. Kind regards!
    Yurii Rodionov
    Hi there, really love this video, well done....
    Hello, from the all that we have had these boards were all interchangeable.

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