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HTC Desire 526G

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HTC Desire 526G
can mobile restart if...

can mobile restart if internal storage is removed?
    Evgenii Kuzmin
    can mobile restart if internal storage is removed?
    Hi, removed as desoldered?

HTC Desire 526G
Pls bro help me...

Pls bro help me can i change only touch screen in 526 G !
    Evgenii Kuzmin
    Muhammad Amin محمد أمين1
    Pls bro help me can i change only touch screen...
    Hi, in theory, yes, if you have skills and experience, tools and spare parts. My recommendation, replace LCD + touchscreen (as an entirely part) also known as a display module. It'll be easier.

HTC Desire 526G
Plz tell me How...

Plz tell me How can i get my back cam Because a shopkeeper remove the option so plz tell me.
    Evgenii Kuzmin
    white roze11
    Plz tell me How can i get my back cam...
    Hi, if you want to buy a rear camera I saw one on eBay or try to check on Chinese sites.

HTC Desire 526G
I tried to remove...

I tried to remove the digitizer but fucked up my screen which was good

HTC Desire 526G
Salve esiste una rom...

Salve esiste una rom per questo HTC Desire 526g ? io dovrei formattarlo ed installare una nuova rom , perchè ho fatto il root e tolto un paio di programmi ed ora non mi fa fare più gli aggiornamenti del sistema , quindi vorrei formattarlo , non so più dove sbattere , non si trova nulla su internet , chiedo un piccolo aiutino please....

HTC Desire 526G
please post how to...

please post how to replace the lcd touch of htc 526g plus

HTC Desire 526G
has any amatuer tried...

has any amatuer tried this? looks complicated :/

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