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HTC Desire 601

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HTC Desire 601
Hello. I have one...

Hello. I have one question here. I really need advice. The fact is that there are two types of HTC 601. It looks identical, both from the outside and from the inside. The only difference is in the description of HTC desire 601 with one SIM card. And HTC Desire 601 dual sim (Zara) with two SIM cards. I have HTC desire 601 dual sim (Zara) with two SIM cards. and two buttons failed. these are the OFF BUTTON and the VOLUME BUTTON. they are no longer on the phone at all. I made an order through the online store. I seem to have seen everything I need. but then one question came up. There, on spare parts, it is shown that for HTC desire 601 ... This is where the question arose. exactly is it on my two sim or on another one with one sim parts ??! And in general, even if spare parts from HTC come with one SIM card, will they fit on mine ??!
    Evgenii Kuzmin
    Hello. I have one question here. I really need...
    Hello. Of course, both are already quite old smartphone models, but as far as I remember, there was no difference in models with one or two SIM cards for a side buttons cable, and now I looked at the suppliers' price list, so the cable is one position for both model.

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