The most frequently asked questions about HTC Desire 816 from our audience.

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HTC Desire 816

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HTC Desire 816
What kind of screw...

What kind of screw driver do we need... Star shaped 1.5 right !!!! My screw had 6 lines in it not 4 as you shown in video

HTC Desire 816
If screen is htc...

If screen is htc desire is good no problem but touch is not working wat I have to do change whole screen or buy digitiser panel and have to change suggest me .

HTC Desire 816
Hi sir I broken...

Hi sir I broken my screen htc dual sim model opgl200 d816h I want to change it but I dont know wath screen I need to buy can you help me couz htc 816 they have 2 model the other one is a single sim pls help ty

HTC Desire 816
Hi, By mistake i...

Hi, By mistake i bought an htc desire 816 screen instead of an htc desire 816g screen. When I installed I saw that the digitizer connector does not fit. Can I install it in any way? Please let me know.

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