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HTC U11 Plus


HTC U11 Plus
Hi, got this as

Hi, got this as a 2nd hand but it is in great condition and was working from a factory reset when I got it. Made some minor display changes, font and size mainly, added fingerprint and was fine, so left it on overnight and in the morning tapped to wake it from sleep, did that fine, then I noticed top of the display had a pixel pattern that looked like the window froze in mid refresh, which it had, and the whole fone was now frozen. Pressed the power button very briefly to put the fone on standby really to see if the fone would come back active, but that was it. Dead Tried the usual pwr, pwr + vol top, pwr + vol bottom, pwr + whole vol, all with the adapter attached and not, and numerous times for at least 30-90 secs each time. Still Dead Even with charger powered up, no charge light at all Help - thanks Update - replaced battery with a new one... still no charging light. Before I changed, I had the buttons heklp for a long time, then when Implugged the charger back in the orange LED flashed on and off 12 times - any clues? Antony
    Vadim Popov
    Hi, got this as a 2nd hand but it is in great...
    Perhaps something went wrong during the update, maybe for some other reasons. In any case, you will have to disassemble it and look, it is possible to charge the battery separately from the phone and try to renew software or just turn it on.

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