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Huawei Ascend Y625

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Huawei Ascend Y625
Nice video! Tnx bro!...

Nice video! Tnx bro! Can I ask you one question plz? Im trying to fix low sound volume on my huavei, now so far, I got that sound is produced by buzzer, but then what the hell is that speakerlike thing on motherboard? Is that speaker or microphone? Do I need to replace that, or buzzer? Tnx!
    Evgenii Kuzmin
    Nice video! Tnx bro! Can I ask you one...
    Hi, I don't know what is wrong with your speakers but check it here: the buzzer/loudspeaker/ringer (the speaker that plays music) - the ear speaker/speaker (through which you hear the caller) -
      Hi, I don't know what is wrong with your...
      nah, this was confusing me since music came from this part I Finally I managed to clear yesterday what is buzzer, and ordered 2 replacements from ali :)
        Evgenii Kuzmin
        nah, this was confusing me since music came...
        If we are talking about the black circle part attached to the PCB, it's the vibro motor.

Huawei Ascend Y625
sir huawei y625 u32...

sir huawei y625 u32 ka plet kitane ka ata hai

Huawei Ascend Y625
sir i have redmi...

sir i have redmi 2 mere phone ka back speaker kam ni kar raha or front receiver kam kar raha hai but usme awaz crack ho rahi hai mne phone repair walo ko dikhaya to bola k speaker thk hai dono front or back phir bola IC kharab hai IC check kiya IC thk hai but phi bhi back speaker me awaz ni aa ri bilkul bhi bus kabhi kabhi sar sarahat ki awaz ati hai plz bataye k kya problem ho skti hai if possible to video bhi bna de ap request
    Evgenii Kuzmin
    sir i have redmi 2 mere phone ka back speaker...
    Hi, I've never been strong in Hindi, can we chat in English?

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