The most frequently asked questions about Huawei Honor 20 from our audience.

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Huawei Honor 20


Huawei Honor 20
Damnn i wanted to …

Damnn i wanted to see the lcd panel inside sigh 😒

Huawei Honor 20
Bro are you Russian …

Bro are you Russian bro I'm from kerela india bro...thanks for video

Huawei Honor 20
Hi, it's a bit …

Hi, it's a bit of a random question but what the full HB number on this battery please?

Huawei Honor 20
Is the same as …

Is the same as nova 5t yal-l21 ?

Huawei Honor 20
Does anyone here know …

Does anyone here know if the honor 20 lite or honor view lcds are compatible with the honor 20? Thankyou

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