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LG L Fino D295

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LG L Fino D295
I have a question,...

I have a question, the external glass of my LG L Fino fissured, but the touch screen seems to be fine. I went to a store and they said that they couldn't replace only the external glass, that they had to replace the external glass and the touch screen, but I believe they were lying. I'm thinking about buying an external glass from China on Ebay and try to repair it myself. What do you think?
    Evgenii Kuzmin
    Eduardo Sousa1
    I have a question, the external glass of my LG...
    Hello, what do you mean 'the external glass' is it some kind of a protection glass or it touch screen? because upper layer it is it - the touch screen

LG L Fino D295
Hi ,please can you...

Hi ,please can you finde in ebay lg l fino d920 charging conector?
    Evgenii Kuzmin
    Hi ,please can you finde in ebay lg l fino...
    +kinroad321 Hello, lg d920 it's LG optimus P920, not fino! And usb port for D920 seem like it
      +kinroad321 Hello, lg d920 it's LG optimus... Sorry i write rong phone i mean LG L Fino D290 its same like D295 ,only it have 1 sim.
        Evgenii Kuzmin
        kinroad3218 Sorry i write rong phone i mean...
        +kinroad321 +kinroad321 Ok, This one

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