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Meizu M3 Note M681H

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Meizu M3 Note M681H
How.much size tools to...

How.much size tools to remove that backdoor. I mean 1.5 or 0.8
    Evgenii Kuzmin
    Dark Willow12
    How.much size tools to remove that backdoor. I...
    Hi, the five-pointed star shape 0.8 mm

Meizu M3 Note M681H
Thanks, very usefull video....

Thanks, very usefull video. Thanks to you replacing of earpiece went very smooth. Cheers

Meizu M3 Note M681H
Very good job! I...

Very good job! I have a question if it's possible...where is the proximity sensor?
    Evgenii Kuzmin
    Marco Rosa7
    Very good job! I have a question if it's...
    Hello, 5:27 at the top of the PCB, the black rubber rectangle is a cover under which has located the sensor.

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