The most frequently asked questions about Meizu M5 M611H from our audience.

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Repair engineer for the last fifteen years. Huge experience in the repair of electronic devices and gadgets.

Meizu M5 M611H


Meizu M5 M611H
After changing my battery …

After changing my battery now it sais Fastboot mode, and it seems that it is not going forward. Any idea about this?

Meizu M5 M611H

DOMANDA DI UN IGNORANTE : devo sostituire la batteria del mio m5, sono costretto a rispettare tutti i passaggi prima di rimuoverla o posso staccarla appena la scollego dal modulo (si vede al minuto 2:47)? GRAZIE

Meizu M5 M611H
what kind of glue …

what kind of glue did you use? thank you

Meizu M5 M611H
if i want to …

if i want to replace just touch screen of meizu m5, how i proceed? in the same or other way?

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