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Meizu MX4 PRO M462

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Meizu MX4 PRO M462
Where can i buy...

Where can i buy the replacement battery?

Meizu MX4 PRO M462
Thank you for the...

Thank you for the Great video! Do you if there is any serial numbers (same as on the package) in printed somewhere on the hardware?

Meizu MX4 PRO M462
Can yuu take out...

Can yuu take out the buttons?

Meizu MX4 PRO M462
No me responde la...

No me responde la pantalla tactil, la pantalla se ve bien pero lo tactil no funciona me pide el pin y no puedo insertar nada por que no responde, esto se debe a un fallo hardware o software, si es hardware se ha podido desconectar algo, que pieza sería y como puedo arreglarlo, muchas gracias.

Meizu MX4 PRO M462
cool!,car meizu étant une...

cool!,car meizu étant une marque peut connue en France vraiment peut,c'est bien d'avoir un tuto niveau changer la batterie,merci!

Meizu MX4 PRO M462
hi! can you suggest...

hi! can you suggest me where to buy the battery? if it's aliexpress can you give me the right link?

Meizu MX4 PRO M462
does anybody knows where...

does anybody knows where is the accelerometer sensor located mine is offset alot cannot calibrate it via software

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