Question about digitizer replacement

Ilya Udovydchenkov
asked by about the LG G2 D802
Hi, I have the LG G2 D800 (US version) phone and need to replace a non-working digitizer. I took the screen assembly out, but I don't understand how to separate the digitizer from the LCD. They seem to be glued together very well. You have a video for LG G2 mini D618. It looks simple, but mine is impossible to separate. There is a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTKV0RRv2IU showing how difficult it is. Is there a better way? How do I clean the LCD? Should I use LOCA glue and UV light for the new digitizer? Thanks.
Evgenii Kuzmin
Hi, it has two different options to perform this. Unfortunately both demand a lot of experience. So, we reccomend to buy a display module (display and touchscreen as entire part). Again, in our practice we come across with touchscreen malfunction after replacement in 50 percent of cases.
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