Replace speaker of ZTE Nubia Z17 lite nx591j

Fernando Clavijo
asked by about the ZTE Nubia Z17
Hello, I need to replace the speaker (not buzzer) of a very similar model ZTE Nubia Z17 lite nx591j. I can find the speaker for sale in Aliexpress or eBay, It is a tiny part that seems to fit in the upper side of the middle cover, but you do not show how to dismount it, (neither in the youtube video I found this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVss0etHHC0) Is it as easy as just pressing an popping the speaker out from the middle cover, and then in? Maybe is more complicated? Thank you for your magnificient tutorials. Kind regards, Fernando Clavijo
Evgenii Kuzmin
Hi, it's taped, and it isn't attached firmly.
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