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Samsung Galaxy A03 Core SM-A032


Samsung Galaxy A03 Core SM-A032
how much would it

how much would it cost to fix my phone not charging it only charges at my mother house and not my grandmother house it happened on 8/7/2023 at last night and now i'm trying to figure out if its the phone or the eclectic in my grandparents house
    Evgenii Kuzmin
    how much would it cost to fix my phone not...
    Understand of course first what the problem is, if it's not the charger, etc. then repairs will be needed. We seem to have a repair a032 for charging. There the cable connector comes off and it needs to be soldered

Samsung Galaxy A03 Core SM-A032
I have a Samsung

I have a Samsung Galaxy A03 core with a earbuds jack damaged after 3.5mm male jack snapped in half while connected. Would be necessary to replace the whole female connector in the case of a repair job, or the existing connector is salvageable? And what exact female 3.5mm connector do I need if replacing the whole thing is the only option?

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