The most frequently asked questions about Samsung Galaxy A10 SM-A105 from our audience.

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Samsung Galaxy A10 SM-A105

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Samsung Galaxy A10 SM-A105
Hi! What can be...

Hi! What can be wrong with this model if it restart phone when it whant? And that facke restart don't go to android logo, go to only Samsung logo and then telephone start loading and working.

Samsung Galaxy A10 SM-A105
Why not make it...

Why not make it removable like they use to be. My screen went black but the phone still on. And the alarm is set to 5 30am. Might have to hammer.

Samsung Galaxy A10 SM-A105
Is the A105m and...

Is the A105m and A105m/ds that much different can the two lcd or frames be interchanged
    Evgenii Kuzmin
    Is the A105m and A105m/ds that much different...
    Hi, in your case, there is one huge difference the ds has two SIM cards and a different shape of frame. So, you can't able to attach a105m the frame tight.

Samsung Galaxy A10 SM-A105
Hey how do you...

Hey how do you open the rear camera up without breaking it? I want to remove the ir blocking filter in my samsung’s rear camera but I don’t want to break it.

Samsung Galaxy A10 SM-A105
that looks like a...

that looks like a right pain... and nice watch lefty

Samsung Galaxy A10 SM-A105
And this is why...

And this is why I love phones like this, still very easy to open instead of the premium phones these days.

Samsung Galaxy A10 SM-A105
We're is the WiFi...

We're is the WiFi thing

Samsung Galaxy A10 SM-A105
Where is the cpu...

Where is the cpu located

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