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Xiaomi POCO X3

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Xiaomi POCO X3
Good day, when the...

Good day, when the touch button warming too much, is it necessary for a replacement?
    Evgenii Kuzmin
    Good day, when the touch button warming too...
    Yes, in our practice, it has happened several times that the fingerprint scanner is warming up. There are two options: replace the fingerprint with a new one or disassemble the phone and pull the cable out of the connector. If you do not use the fingerprint sensor function, then there are no problems at all. Honestly, pressing will work because under sensor button locates a mechanical one.

Xiaomi POCO X3
Mi serve la scheda madre

Come posso comprarla la scheda madre
    Vadim Popov
    Come posso comprarla la scheda madre
    Ciao, è un compito difficile. Ma puoi controllare i siti Web Xiaomi o POCO, potrebbero avere alcune parti in vendita, forse anche le schede madri.

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