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Xiaomi Mi 8 SE


Xiaomi Mi 8 SE
Hi, After following your guide to disassemble my Mi 8 SE (steps 1 ...

Hi, After following your guide to disassemble my Mi 8 SE (steps 1 to 12 while skipping the steps 3 to 7. See: to clean it up, the phone will always display an error message when trying to start up the camera. Sometimes, crash report will even pop up when I'm not using the camera, saying it stopped working. Do you think I might have misplaced a component? Or is it purely software? I never had this issue before opening the phone. Thank you for your help
    Evgenii Kuzmin
    Hi, After following your guide to...
    Hi, if the camera stopped working after disassembling, then you need to check whether the cameras are well connected to the connectors. Carefully inspect the camera cables and parts on the circuit board nearby.( for damage)

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