The most frequently asked questions about ZTE Blade V9 from our audience.

Repair engineer for the last fifteen years. Huge experience in the repair of electronic devices and gadgets.

ZTE Blade V9

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ZTE Blade V9
Super cool

Super cool

ZTE Blade V9
I've never cried while...

I've never cried while repairing a phone. This song is econmoved

ZTE Blade V9
Je regarde souvent vos...

Je regarde souvent vos tutoriels vidéos et c'est très intéressant merci beaucoup. J'avais une alcatel pixi power plus, j'avais un problème de micro et je ne sais pas comment je vais le changer. Pour parler je ne mets que le haut parleur. Merci de votre compréhension.

ZTE Blade V9
Instructions for Model V10

Hi, im looking for instructions to repair/replace a zte blade v10 (not vita) display. i can't find anything on this site but maybe you know where else to look or maybe you can guide me to another model that is most similar to the v10. thank you very much
    Evgenii Kuzmin
    Hi, im looking for instructions to...
    Hi, check it here It is our video.

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